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Cell Phone Forensics, Investigations, law enforcement, police, SM Use, Tom Slovenski | Comments Off on Cell Phone Triage for Police Officers

Cell Phone Triage for Police Officers

It’s the same story played all across America. It goes like this: Police Officer XYZ is dispatched to a residence where, as the First Responder, he discovers a crime scene. Officer XYZ notes a cell phone on the scene possibly belonging to the suspect or victim. Officer XYZ decides to search the phone for “investigative leads” and “evidence”. Then, accidentally, Officer XYZ DELETES the phone’s data or even worse, WIPES the phone’s data. Now, if you were that officer, how would you tell your Chief/Sheriff about this mishap? How are you going to explain what you did to your prosecuting attorneys or better yet, the defense attorneys? Cell phones are a blessing and a curse. They contain myriad amounts of information about someone. A cell phone reveals a person’s true character. It’s Digital DNA in a box! But, if the officer handling the phone is not careful, that blessed phone data could become a noose around his or her neck and possibly their career. Like any evidence, the cell phone and its contents must be handled correctly or the officer could lose that evidence. The first responding officer is the initial evidence protector. That officer is responsible for the crime...


i2 Group, IBM, Investigations, Lauri Stevens, law enforcement, Officer Safety, police, SM Use, social media | Comments Off on IBM launches the IBM i2 Group Intelligent Law Enforcement platform at #IACP2012

IBM launches the IBM i2 Group Intelligent Law Enforcement platform at #IACP2012

IBM is working towards becoming the “convener of the eco-system of public safety” Today at the IACP Conference in San Diego, The IBM team including the i2 Group announced a new initiative to promote the higher level of intelligence analysis – calling it the IBM i2 Intelligent Law Enforcement platform. But, it’s not just another law enforcement solution for intelligence analytics, IBM is demonstrating its profound understanding for the need for integration among and between stakeholders beyond law enforcement in its provision of a solution to do just that. In addition to integrating the informational needs of several lateral stakeholders beyond police, IBM is acknowledging the connection between economic development and a safe environment in which to live. With the acquisition of i2 Group a year or so ago, IBM has Coplink and Analyst’s Notebook. But with the latest rendition of its software they’re integrating all of that and beyond by combining Big Data with analytics. In a white paper which addresses in part the need for public safety agencies to do more with less and to link spending to outcomes: In many developed economies, agencies are tasked with facing these challenges with state or decline real expenditures. … While...


Investigations, law enforcement, LexisNexis, police, SM Use, social media | Comments Off on Role of Social Media in Law Enforcement Significant and Growing

Role of Social Media in Law Enforcement Significant and Growing

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LexisNexis® Risk Solutions today announced the results of a comprehensive survey focused on the impact of social media on law enforcement in criminal investigations. The survey revealed that currently four out of five respondents use various social media platforms to assist in investigations and found agencies serving smaller populations and with fewer sworn personnel (